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The Famous Grouse Challange

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How To Play:

The Famous Grouse Challange

Excellent range shooting game in front of you
The point is exactly one past the goalie, so what are you going in the style of a real Rugby player, kick the ball through the net in the form h profile.
As the game says a challenge. Well, the challenge is that you have a certain time to bring out the sut, exactly 1 minute.
When you’re given a goal, only time will go back to the beginning, but sveki time, everything will be harder. How to? Well, when you cross will be moved faster and faster. It is a line that indicates the power and direction of a cross left and right.
Test your long range shooting ability. Sometimes i sut may decide the game, and why would not you decided. Be a famous Grouse challenge.

Use your mouse to play this game

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