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Jonno Last Stand

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How To Play:

Jonno Last Stand

One of the best rugby players of all time Martin Johnson. He was captain of the England team, which in 2003 won the title of world champion. He was one of the most prominent players of this World Cup.
This time the situation is different. On the video screen, that is the game.
As each captain, so it Jonno, as they call him, he lifted the trophy. But angry rivals wants me to take the trophy.
For you to be enraged about of selected players, who chased him to bring him down.
You have the right three times to knock you.
And how to defend yourself, fine. You’re taking the mis into their own hands and gonna shoot at each opponent whom you see on the screen. The point is, the longer you stay active, that is, the longer trecis, iff century to win more points. Of course counts the number of affected opponents, not the number predjenih meters.
Good luck and let Jonno Last Stand.

Use your keyboard to play this game

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